Today Steve Jobs announced his decision to change roles at Apple. This is definitely a day that should be celebrated as Steve has improved the lives of millions.

I find it very ironic as I arrived home a few hours ago with my very new and sexy 11″ Mac Book Air. I purchased it over the weekend and they had finished my data transfer as from my old bulky, painful to use Acer when I heard the news. Sad I thought!

I’m new to the Apple family and I really didn’t know much about Steve except that he was the man behind those ‘fancy’ computers.   I did a little Google search and found quite a bit and was inspired to write this.

He’s quite the entrepreneur, trailblazer and geek. (Newsflash I know!)

I watched this Forbes video on his career and here are the 4 main traits I gleaned from it. Steve Jobs really was a trailblazer on many fronts.  I admire his dedication and vision and will be working to implement more of this style.

Check out this video by Forbes highlighting some of Steves Great moments at Apple.

4 Things Steve Jobs rocked at that we can learn from and can add to our skill set:

1. Humor

His ability to poke fun of the past and help his customers be open to new, better ways. He would hold funerals of the passing of a technology and toss it into the “Bit bucket in the sky.” His ability to play around and have fun with his outdated technologies made it much easier for his customers to also adopt the new products.

2. Patience in the long run

Steve had several failures which he patiently learned from and improved upon. Apple didn’t always get things done over night – his patience and dedication was essential to his success.

We are humans we make mistakes. Steve simply didn’t let his mistakes stop him. Steve Jobs’ career thus far certainly showcased great patience, determination and stamina to achieve his dream.

3. Rebranding Possibility

Seeing how some minor colors and sleek and impressive designs could really WOW an audience is impressive. Steve’s ability to ‘repackage’ something when he was broke was brilliant and he really repurposed older technology with a new look.

“There has been no one who has crystalized conventional wisdom as much as Steve Jobs has. You can’t help but admire what he created and the path he broke over and over again.” – Bruce Upbin, Forbes

So the next time you’re stuck in a funk, think about you could rebrand your content. What new colors, shapes, philosophies, technologies could you add to your offering?

I know having my new MacBook Air I’ll be able to get super creative with all the features between iphoto, keynote, and OS Lion scrapbooking / dashboard feature. I definitely have some projects that could use some rebranding & a “Steve Jobs imagination.”

4. Touchability

The hands on revolution in smart phone technology is really because of Steve Jobs. Steve’s innovation for the iphone and hands on touch screens shaped the future. People are more productive now with these fancy phones that have hundreds of uses. The vision behind this was to have every household with Apple technology.

It’s because of this technology that us social media geeks can share our experiences fast with platforms like Foursquare (yes, I got the Jobs badge and Local badge today because I checked into the Apple store 3 times this week). If it wasn’t for Steve and his team of geniuses our entire industry of social media management and branding probably wouldn’t have taken off the way it did.

These smart phones make it more and more engaging for your friends, fans and customers to engage with you. The possibilities are HUGE and I’m excited!

There is so much more to learn from the Apple brand.

This makes me realize that any online businesses model (fully online) isn’t always what consumers want. People want to be able to touch your brand, feel it, smell it, taste it. Being able to touch a product still turns our imaginations on. I can say this is so true, as I’ve been to my local Apple store 3 times in the past week and the experience was phenomenal. I originally thought I wanted a MacBook Pro and the hands on demonstrations sold me that a MacBook Air was a better decision for my use.  It’s like an ipad 2 with a built in keyboard and it fits in my purse! Win!

The picture above was snapped as I checked out (via that black device — mini swipers are brilliant too). So many things in that store made my eyes lite up!  It’s ironic to see the thumbs up as that’s exactly what I give to Steve Jobs for creating the Apple lifestyle.

I’m very optimistic that Apple will continue to innovate and make us laugh in the years ahead. I’m so happy to be a part of the Apple family and was so impressed with the team at the Apple store.

As you can see I’m new to the Apple culture and I’d love to know how your experience has been. Are you new like me or have you been in the Apple family for years? Please share your highlights in the comments below.